welcome to lyangelovasquez.com

Lyangelo is a digital director, historian and co-founder of creative storytelling studio Hyper Epic.


To find out how he mixes history, documentary, interactive storytelling and design in his projects, check out some of his work,


like a transmedia project called Goede Hoop, about South Africa,


and Ondersteboven, an interactive videomuseum exploring the sixties in the Netherlands,


or this interactive longread about the First World War,


or De IJzeren Eeuw, an online magazine about nineteenth century Holland,


and much more.


Find him online on Twitter or Instagram,


or visit him offline at his studio De Bahama’s at the NDSM in Amsterdam.


E-mail him at lyangelo@hyper-epic.com,


or mail him at NDSM-Plein 97 (1033WC, Amsterdam).